Vårdkas - Historical signaling system built on mountaintops, ignited for the transmission of warnings for the population to mobilize in response to incoming threats from sea or from land. Foto: Marcel Gasser

Regardless of how dangerous this virus is, the panic and economic impact does not compare to anything we have seen before.

Un sistema financiero que recompensa, financia y unifica a las organizaciones, movimientos regenerativos y éticos del mundo.

Únete al Compromiso por una Regeneración Global

A financial system that rewards, finances and aligns the world’s regenerative and ethical organizations and movements.

Join the Pledge for Global Regeneration

“ We need to recarbonize the world with biodiversity and living carbon. We need to leave dead carbon in the ground. We need to move from oil to soil. We need to urgently move from a fossil fuel-based system to a biodiversity-based ecological civilization. We can plant the seeds of hope, the seeds of the future.” — Dr. Vandana Shiva

Franz Josef Allmayer

Cultural Evolution Catalyst | Regenerative Development Specialist | Co-Creator @ Integrity.Earth & Lead Ambassador @ SEEDS joinseeds.com

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