Vårdkas - Historical signaling system built on mountaintops, ignited for the transmission of warnings for the population to mobilize in response to incoming threats from sea or from land. Foto: Marcel Gasser

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Cooperative members in Sweden said they had begun implementing Seeds, taking the country a step closer to the implementation of the world’s first “better than free” digital currency (SEEDS).

At its core SEEDS is simply a payment platform, much like PayPal or VISA. A platform where users can send funds anywhere in the world in fractions of a second without any fees. Instead of being charged fees, it rewards users for their participation and gives them a voice in its governance and evolution.

This would be the equivalent of Sweden’s Riksbank or any central bank…

Para prosperar verdaderamente en tiempos de crisis convergentes comunidades prósperas y resilientes son la mejor solución.

Para promover un mayor bienestar sistémico y un futuro mejor, debemos avanzar en la co-creación de soluciones transdisciplinarias que busquen la regeneración.

¿Tienes una visión más atractiva para el desarrollo socioeconómico de tu comunidad?

Alinéate con SEEDS y hagámoslo realidad!

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Nota: “ SEEDS” es el ecosistema, “ Seeds “ es nuestra moneda y “seeds” se convierten en árboles.

Lanzando un programa de embajadores bioregionales para catalizar el surgimiento de economías de bienestar

Juntos, sustentaremos programas para el Desarrollo Regenerativo a través del empoderamiento de la comunidad enfocados en la restauración de corredores ecológicos esenciales en conjunto con hacer…

Aktualisiert am 24/03/2020. Weitere Übersetzungen sind am Ende dieses Artikels zu finden. Wenn Sie mit diesem Artikel einverstanden sind, unterzeichnen Sie das Versprechen und helfen Sie bei der Verbreitung des Wissens. Weiter unten finden Sie eine Auflistung der Organisationen, die den Aufruf zur globalen Regeneration erhört haben und sich dieser globalen Bewegung angeschlossen haben.

Ein Finanzsystem, das die regenerativen und ethischen Organisationen und Bewegungen der Welt belohnt, finanziert und verbindet.

Schliess dich dem Bündnis für globale Regeneration an.

Ein gesundes Finanzsystem ist eines, das sich langfristig aufrecht halten kann, eines, das die Menschen und Organisationen, die unsere Erde lebenswerter, blühender und schöner machen, am grosszügigsten belohnt.

Wir sind uns alle einig, dass das derzeitige Finanzsystem nicht zweckentsprechend ist.

Überall auf der Welt entscheiden sich…

The way to truly prosper during times of converging crises is to build thriving and resilient communities.

To promote greater systemic well-being and a better future, we must move to co-create trans-disciplinary solutions that seek regeneration.

Do you envision a more beautiful direction for the socio-economic development of your community? Align with SEEDS and let’s make it happen!

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Note: “SEEDS” is the ecosystem, “Seeds” are our currency and “seeds” turn into trees.

Launching a Bioregional Ambassador Program to Catalyze the Emergence of Well-Being Economies

Together, we will sustain programs for Regenerative Development through community empowerment that are focused on restoring essential ecological corridors in conjunction with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities.

Regardless of how dangerous this virus is, the panic and economic impact does not compare to anything we have seen before.

We collectively face a long list of converging crises, on top of which Covid-19 continues to unleash a global pandemic that is part biological, part economic, and part psychological.

Meanwhile, things we had considered impossible to change are changing drastically.

On the eve of the implosion, they expose a dangerous dependence on a fragile world economic system eroded by a decaying financial, social and political system.

But within the chaos there is always opportunity. …

Actualizado el 24/03/2020. Más traducciones al final de este artículo. Si estás de acuerdo con este artículo, únete al compromiso y ayuda a correr la voz. Debajo se encuentra la lista de organizaciones que han escuchado el llamado y se están uniendo a este movimiento global.

Un sistema financiero que recompensa, financia y unifica a las organizaciones, movimientos regenerativos y éticos del mundo.

Únete al Compromiso por una Regeneración Global

Un sistema financiero saludable es el que se puede sostener a largo plazo, el que recompensa generosamente a las personas y organizaciones que hacen nuestra tierra más habitable, próspera y hermosa.

Todos podemos estar de acuerdo en que el sistema financiero actual no es adecuado para este propósito.

En todo el mundo gente y…

Updated on 23/04/2020. Further translations at the bottom of this article. If you agree with this article, Sign the pledge and help spread the word. Below is the list of organizations who have heard the call and are joining this global movement.

A financial system that rewards, finances and aligns the world’s regenerative and ethical organizations and movements.

Join the Pledge for Global Regeneration

A healthy financial system is one that can sustain over the long term, one that most generously rewards the people and organisations that make our earth more livable, thrivable and beautiful.

We can all agree that the current financial system is not fit for purpose.

Across the globe people and businesses are choosing against their short-term financial interests…

Davos Dorf, Graubünden, Switzerland

It is good to see that Davos is welcoming change, good intentions are better than their opposite.

Even the corporate world is ready for the transition, at least that is the rhetoric that was communicated this week at the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The potential for transformation is at its maximum, as all sectors of society share in the attempt to bring about a more sustainable future, echoing the demand for systemic change from the grassroots movements accross the world dedicated towards a genuine breakthrough.

Yet, if Davos truly wants to redirect the course away from…

“ We need to recarbonize the world with biodiversity and living carbon. We need to leave dead carbon in the ground. We need to move from oil to soil. We need to urgently move from a fossil fuel-based system to a biodiversity-based ecological civilization. We can plant the seeds of hope, the seeds of the future.” — Dr. Vandana Shiva

The real promise of the digital age is to restore the integrity of the values and modalities eroded through the takeover of centralized currency and outdated models in politics, finance, and economics. Instead of building our entire economy on debt-based money and trickle-down economics that promotes a mono-culture of induced scarcity and separation, imposing over all other forms of diversity, both cultural as well as biological, we now have the tools and technological capacity to empower and scale our innate human ability to cooperate and exchange with one another, enabling us to converge around bio-regional economies of unprecedented abundance.


Integrity.Earth is proud to announce a launch partnership with SEEDS.

SEEDS is a pioneering a financial ecosystem and conscious digital currency designed to empower humanity & regenerate ecosystems.

Integrity.Earth facilitates the convergence of the regenerative society into a co-creative development processes that respects a holistic understanding of our interwoven-ness with life.

This partnership will catalyze the emergence of bioregional economies of abundance and will be instrumental to the five year plan to Solving the Central American Migration Crisis through Regenerative Development.

Together, we will sustain a program of Regenerative Development through community empowerment, focused on restoring essential ecological corridors and…

Franz Josef Allmayer

Cultural Evolution Catalyst | Regenerative Development Specialist | Co-Creator @ Integrity.Earth & Lead Ambassador @ SEEDS joinseeds.com

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